Morocco Part 2 – The Sahara | Travel

For the second part of our trip to Morocco, we took a 3-day tour to the Sahara Desert.  We highly recommend Sahara Tours 4×4!  Our only wish was that we could have spent more time on a tour!  Our awesome guide, Hamid, drove us through the Altas Mountains and out to the edge of the Sahara.  From there we rode camels out into the desert, where we camped for the night.  We were lucky to share the campsite with two men from Spain, Roberto and Jacky.  They put up with our horrible Spanish and we had an amazing evening with them, looking at the stars and sharing stories.  This trip, more than any other that we’ve taken, was all about the people we met along the way.  From Adam, who owns the road in Marrakech, and Hamid our tour guide, to Roberto and Jacky…we made some great friends!  We are already missing our daily dose of mint tea and the quiet peacefulness of the desert.


If you want to know any more specific info or if you have any questions about our Morocco experience, just ask!