Morocco: Part 1 – Marrakech | Travel

Our trip to Morocco was a birthday gift for Ian for his 30th birthday.  Ian has always wanted to go to Africa, and Morocco has always been on our list of must-see countries.  We started our trip in Marrakech.   As soon as you walk out of the airport, you are in another world.  The old Medina is surrounded by a wall, and most streets are too narrow for cars to pass through.  Instead you are passed by motorbikes going at top speed and donkeys pulling carts.  You just have to accept the fact that you will get lost in the maze of souks full of carpets, lamps and other handcrafted goods.  It’s all just part of the experience.  We stayed in an amazing restored riad, Riad Slawi.  The owner, Adam made it feel like we were staying at a friend’s home, rather than staying in a hotel.  On our second day in Marrakech, we visited the beautiful and peaceful Majorelle Gardens, which used to belong to designer Yves St. Laurent.  The colors were amazing to say the least.


Coming Soon:  Part 2, and our tour to the Sahara Desert.