Priti & Binjon | St. Louis Wedding – Part 1

This is Part 1 (of 3) of Priti and Binjon’s spectacular wedding weekend.  Priti and Binjon have been together for a long time.  They currently live in Chicago, but they decided to tie the knot in Priti’s hometown of St. Louis, with a traditional Indian ceremony.  Most events this weekend took place at the Renaissance Hotel at the Airport.

Day 1:  Mendhi Party

This is always a great warm-up to the wedding weekend.  Everyone gets together and all of the women get henna applied to their hands.

Day 2:  Vidhi and Pithi Ceremony

This morning ceremony specifically involved Priti and her family, though Binjon made an appearance for good measure!  After many prayers and blessings, Priti’s family presented her and parents with gifts.  Then came the Pithi, where all of the women present show their blessings, by applying turmeric paste to Priti’s face, hands and feet.  Some people, icluding Priti’s sister, were very generous in their blessings 🙂

Day 2: Garba

This is always one of our favorite Indian traditions.  Friends and family perform traditional dances in a circle.  Later in the evening, everyone performs the Dandiya Raas, which is a line dance done with two painted sticks.  The music gets faster and faster and the dancing gets crazier and crazier and it’s fun to watch people keep up!  It’s also always fun to see the newbies learn the dances and eventually catch on.