Pooja & Bharat | Wedding Part 1

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Pooja and Bharat’s wedding extravaganza took place over 4 days, at the St. Charles Convention Center and Embassy Suites.  We decided to split their blog posts into three segments, because there are just SO many images.  This post will cover days 1 – 3, and all of the pre-wedding ceremonies and parties.

Day 1: Pooja’s Mehndi


Day 2:  Pooja & Bharat’s Mehndi Party – Friends and family gathered together for a welcome ceremony of sorts, where the female guests could get their mehndi done and socialize.  There were special dances performed by Pooja’s sister a cousin, along with cute games for Pooja and Bharat to play.



Day 3:  The Vidhi – This is a group of ceremonies and prayers that take place the ay before the wedding.  During one part, Pooja’s female family and friends bless Pooja by putting turmeric paste on her face, arms and feet.


Day 3:  The Garba – During this party, many dances take place around a central fire.  There were also some fun dances performed by Pooja, her sister and her cousin, along with Bharat’s mom and aunts, and even the whole wedding party!  This is always such a fun, colorful event!