Mimi & Ernie | St. Louis Wedding

What a fun wedding, full of personal touches!  Mimi and Ernie were married in the spectacular lobby of the Fox Theater, with their reception following at Top of the Met.  Mimi wore jewelry borrowed and handed down from three special people:  Ernie’s mom’s wedding ring, her great grandmother’s necklace, and her friend’s earrings.  After Mimi and Ernie’s first look at the Fox, we headed to some picture locations that meant a lot to them.  First we stopped at the house that Mimi and Ernie are rehabbing, soon to be their future home!  Yay for old houses!  It’s going to be gorgeous, and we can’t wait to see the finished product.  Next we headed to St. Louis Univeristy, which Mimi attended, Moto Europa for some sweet motorcycle shots for Ernie, and finally a stop a the Flying Cow for frozen yogurt.  At the reception, it was really sweet to see Mimi’s Grandparents have their own replica of their wedding cake (since it was their 66th wedding anniversary!).

And if you’re wondering why the napkins say, “Hey!  You’re pretty…”, those were the first words that Ernie ever said to Mimi.  Gotta love it!

Kelsey Herschel -

You’re a true inspiration!

Beverly Lynch -

AWESOME!!!! beautiful pictures of a beautiful day!!

Barbara Ostfeld -

Incomparably beautiful! I SO love the pictures of Aunt Val and Uncle Lee!

Nancy Schulman Sansone -

Beautiful job!

Vickie Vien -

Fantastic! Great job!

Janice Effinger -

Jan, what a Beautiful wedding!

Karen Werner Grogan -

These are beautiful, beautiful pictures! Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. Congratulations! Best Wishes to Mimi and Eric!