Michelle & Jonathan | St. Louis Wedding

“A lot can happen on a walk…”

These were the words of Michelle and Jonathan’s best man, and they couldn’t be more true.  Michelle and Jonathan met and got to know each other while hiking the Appalachian Trail.  Jonathan was visiting from Australia, and Michelle had never been on a long-distance hike before.  Later, Jonathan proposed while they were hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.  Jonathan was going back to Australia, and they decided that  Michelle absolutely had to go with him.  The wedding came together fairly quickly.  They were married on Sunday, and they are leaving for Australia tomorrow (Thursday)!  The ceremony and reception took place at the Jewel Box, in Forest Park.  Michelle and Jonathan were so lucky with the weather on their wedding day!  Upper 5o’s in January, in St. Louis?  We’ll take it!  It was amazing to see two families from opposite sides of the world become one.

We wish Michelle and Jonathan good luck on their big move, and we know this next part of the adventure will be awesome!