Hiwot & Yohanis | Ethiopian Wedding Part 3

Part 3:  The Mels (Second Reception)

One the third day of Hiwot and Yohanis’ wedding festivities, we photographed the Mels.  This is a smaller, less formal reception, meant only for closer friends and family.  The wedding party and many guests wear beautiful, traditional clothes.  The Mels took place at the Moolah Shrine Center’s Ballroom.  It was beautifully decorated with traditional decor and furniture.  Hiwot and Yohanis entered with their wedding party.  There was a lot of dancing, as well as two traditions:  One is to cut bread together (an peek through it for a picture), the other is for the groom’s family to give the bride a nickname, which will then be used in memory of the wedding.

It was such a joy spending the weekend with Hiwot, Yohanis, Samaria, and all of their friends and family.  Everyone was so lovely to us, they were always so happy to have us there,  and they knew how to have a party!