Hiwot & Yohanis | Ethiopian Wedding Part 2

Part 2:  The Entrance Ceremony and First Reception

        On the second day of Hiwot and Yohanis’ wedding festivities, both families took part in an entrance ceremony.  During this ceremony, Yohanis and his groomsmen and family journey to Hiwot’s parents’ house.  Hiwot’s male family members playfully try to keep Yohanis and his friends and family out by holding them back in the doorway.  Once Yohanis got through, he had to get past the bridesmaids, who were “guarding” Hiwot.  Once he got to Hiwot, Yohanis presented her (and Samaria) with a bouquet and a kiss.  After this we went to Forest Park for portraits.

       The first reception took place at the St. Charles Convention Center.  This was a huge dinner with 600 guests.  The Ethiopian choir played a big part in this reception, as this reception is mostly ceremonial.  There are specific songs and dances, often led by the priests, that happen before Hiwot and Yohanis are led to dinner, before the cake cutting and intermingled with prayers and blessings.  There is a fantastic procession anywhere that Hiwot and Yohanis go.

Stay tuned for Part 3:  Reception #2