Hiwot & Yohanis | Ethiopian Wedding Part 1

Hiwot and Yohanis had a three day wedding celebration.  This was our first time documenting an Ethiopian wedding, and it was such an amazing experience!

Part 1:  The Ceremony

We started out the weekend with their Ethiopian Orthodox ceremony.  The ceremony began with Hiwot and Yohanis entering the church, along with their daughter, Samaria.  The congregation greeted them and ushered them in with songs and chants.  They then made their vows and exchanged rings.  After this there were many prayers.  The ceremony is several hours long, with both solemn, prayerful parts, as well as joyous, celebratory songs.  After the ceremony, Hiwot and Yohais made their way to lunch, downstairs.  Next time:  Portraits and the Reception.