Engagement | What To Wear

We get asked a lot,  “Do you have any tips for what to wear for our engagement session?”  Of course!  So here, we have taken the time to compile our best tips for looking great in your engagement photos.  And don’t forget to check out our Engagement Clothing Guide on Pinterest, for lots of ideas and inspiration!

The #1 Rule:

Fit before anything else.  Color, trendiness, everything else comes later.  Great fitting clothes look THE BEST.   You can wear a great fitting pair of jeans, a t-shirt and flip flops and look amazing – if the fit is right.  Start planning your outfits ahead of time, to give yourself time for tailoring, if necessary.

For Everyone:

–  Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in and reflect your personality.

–  Avoid clothing with large logos or wording, as it distracts from your faces.  You can break this rule for a select few shots, if you want to show a joint interest (a favorite school/sport) or to convey a message or joke.

–  No athletic/running shoes, work boots or Crocs.

–  When deciding on outfits, pretend you are getting dressed for a date.  For casual looks: Don’t be so casual that it doesn’t look special.  For dressier looks:  Make sure you don’t look like you are going to work – add a little flirtiness.

– You are welcome to bring 2-3 outfits for your session, so feel free to mix things up.  Do a dressy look and a casual look.  Try a colorful look and a monochromatic look.  Have a “safe” outfit, and a “daring” outfit that is more out of your comfort zone.  Embrace options!

Color, Pattern and Texture:

–  Solid colors and simple patterns work best.  Plaids and stripes are just fine as well.  Be strategic when adding busier patterns or shiny/sparkly materials.  Make sure they aren’t so distracting that they take attention away from your faces.  When in doubt = simplify.

–  Your looks should “go”together, but try not to be matchy-matchy.

–  Pops of color are always great, whether it be a bright-colored dress or coat, or just a surprise pop of color in your accessories.

–  Remember interesting accessories:  Shoes, scarves, jewelry, jackets, vests, hats, ties, socks.

For the Ladies:

–  Body-flattering is always best.  Baggy/drapey clothing (particularly sweaters and shirts) add width in pictures.  Keep everything streamlined, and if necessary, add a belt at the smallest part of your torso to create a flattering line.

–  Don’t be a afraid to be a little sexy!  Just keep it classy.

–  Heels are awesome!  They add length to your legs and create a beautiful line.  Just be sure to bring comfy shoes if necessary, since we walk a lot.


– Wear slightly more makeup than you would on a normal day, as makeup tends to look more toned-down in photos than in real life.  If you normally wear no makeup, consult a professional makeup artist to help you figure out a very minimal makeup look you are comfortable with.

– In fact, we always recommend hiring a professional.  They know how to do makeup especially for photos.  You can book a trial with the person doing your wedding makeup, or ask us.  We know the best makeup artists in St. Louis.

– Fake lashes are a girls best friend!

For the Guys:

– Know your ACTUAL size.  We can’t emphasize this enough!  Your clothes should fit close to your body (shirts AND pants).  Swimming in overly-large clothes actually makes bigger guys look bigger and smaller guys look smaller!

– Nothing beats a really well cut and tailored blazer.  It can go with jeans and slacks and can make you look sharp and put together.

– Flat-front pants are always more flattering than pleated. ALWAYS.

– Swap a plain crew-neck t-shirt for something more interesting, like a henley.  The blunt truth: A plain t-shirt only looks great when very fitted, and not everyone can pull that off.

Of course there are always exceptions to every rule.  At the end of the day, just be you, be in love, and people will love your pictures!