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Lauren Forest Shoot| St. Louis Ballet

This is our first time working with Lauren, a professional ballet dancer from Portland, based here in St. Louis.  For this shoot, we opted for a woodsy feel.  Lauren was gracious enough to walk through the dirt and ivy…sometimes in pointe shoes, sometimes barefoot, and we appreciated her enthusiasm!

Kaye L Lewis -

Those are beautiful Lauren

Vanessa Urban Shoot| St. Louis Ballet

This is our second time working with Vanessa, an exquisite professional ballet dancer.  This time we opted for a more urban feel, in downtown St. Louis.  Enjoy! Hair and Makeup by: Emily Miller

Rian & Tabethia – Team 2.0 | St. Louis Dance

Rian and Tabethia are a dance duo from St. Louis, known as Team 2.0.  You can check out their performances in St. Louis, and around the US.  They combine many styles of dance, like hip hop, breaking and modern dance, to create their own innovative style.  Rian and Tabethia contacted us looking to do some…

Vanessa | St. Louis Ballet

Meet Vanessa!  Vanessa is a professional dancer in St. Louis.  We had the amazing opportunity to work with her to create some beautiful ballet portraits at the City Museum.  The City Museum has been nothing but lovely to work with!  They were so accommodating and helpful.   Nothing is more special than collaborating with talented…