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Pooja & Bharat | Wedding Part 3

Part 3: The Reception Pooja & Bharat were married at the St. Charles Convention Center.  Their wedding reception was a super-fun, elegant affair.  Pooja and Bharat turned their first dance into a dance party.  Then both of their families joined them on the dance floor for a surprise choreographed dance.  The dance floor was PACKED…

Pooja & Bharat | Wedding Part 2

Part 2:  The Wedding Ceremony Pooja and Bharat’s ceremony were married at the St. Charles Convention Center in a traditional Indian ceremony.  How can anyone resist the beautiful, rich colors and traditions.  Bharat rode in on a white horse, and was joined by Pooja in a beautiful ceremony.  Afterward they shared an emotional “goodbye” with…

Pooja & Bharat | Wedding Part 1

Pooja and Bharat’s wedding extravaganza took place over 4 days, at the St. Charles Convention Center and Embassy Suites.  We decided to split their blog posts into three segments, because there are just SO many images.  This post will cover days 1 – 3, and all of the pre-wedding ceremonies and parties. Day 1: Pooja’s…

Jenny & Joel | St. Louis Wedding

Jenny and Joel were married at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, in south St. Louis County, with their reception following at the Visitor’s Center, in Forest Park.  Kelly went to s school with Jenny and 3 of the bridesmaids (at St. Francis, in fact).  Jenny’s mom was even Kelly’s science teacher for a year….